Sun Sep 26 2021

09 26

SPS met aparte hal voor industrieel IT


Door Bart Driessen

Dit jaar komt de SPS/ IPC Drives in Neurenberg voor het eerst met een aparte hal voor Software & IT industry: hal 6. De trekkers zijn Microsoft, EPLAN, SAP Deutschland en Kaspersky Lab UK.



Oliver Niedung, IoT Sales Specialist bij Microsoft Deutschland: "SPS IPC Drives has become considerably more attractive for us. Last time we get in contact with the right decision makers in the automation industry at the partner booths, but it's also in the nature of digital transformation that every automation specialist and every manufacturer has a considerable need for software, cloud services, and ever more frequently, for mixed reality and artificial intelligence. The discussions and needs have reached a level of quality and quantity that makes a booth for 2017 a logical consequence – Cortana would certainly have advised us to do this.”